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I T Consulting Computer Network Management

We design, develope and manage computer networks. We specialize in Cat5 and Cat6 wiring schematics. After your network has been built we can manage and maintain your network for your business. We also offer an online Help Desk to help you keep your computer systems up and running.

Network Adminstrator I T System Support
Network monitoring and troubleshooting is very important to overall system health. No matter how well a system has been designed or operated, there will always be issues that occur that will affect the network�from hardware failures to user errors. All the functionality of a reliable, available, and secure network infrastructure starts with the proper maintenance of the hardware and basic services that form the foundation of that infrastructure. Continued monitoring of a network system is the only proper way to keep a system working.

Network System Support
1)�Document network infrastructure
2) Perform maintenance operations on all work stations each month
3) Monitor network use for malicious activity
4) Perform software updates on all workstations each month
5) Perform on site workstations repairs
6) Install new hardware and software on site

Online Help Desk System Support
If you need system support for your computer network, we offer an online help desk to help your staff with computer problems. With the use of internet we can connect remotely to your compter systems and help your staff with computer problems, setup emails and install new software.

Help Desk Support
1) Support of Microsoft Outlook Email
2) Support of Microsoft Office
3) Support with Internet Explorer
4) Software updates on all workstations
5) 24hr online support

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